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Nickolodeon Play Day Event was a Success!

October 20, 2015 03:16 PM


As you can see our event was overflowing, yeah! LCTPAs "Nick Day" at Lions Park was fun and awesome. Parents and kids were just having a great time. In fact, our event lasted 2 and 1/2 hours and the families stayed the whole time, wow! All this fun and tennis would not have happened if not for our very small crew of volunteers that had to do a very big job.If you see them, thank them a lot. Rhonda Hemingway, Terri Rede (also made the awesome sign), Jerry Madrigal (who is not a member but a dad who's 9 yr old son is a very awesome kid and has been in our summer camps for several years now, so you know he loves tennis), Adela Eaton, Nicole Romero (she just started playing tennis in the "Get the Tennis Groove" adult program). As the organizer for these play events, it really gives me great joy to see the community come out and play.


Junior Coordinator for LCTPA, Candy Giummo